Cruising a luxury yacht is a unique experience - it should be the right yacht, to fulfil your dreams and passions.

She can be a fast and sleek motor yacht, a classic wooden sailing yacht, an outstanding catamaran, a relaxing gulet or a lavish river barge. You might be looking for yachts designed for family cruises, or you might prefer a yacht that allows you more privacy, offering, for example, a master cabin on a private deck. All luxury charters are tailored on you: before getting aboard you will be asked about your preferences for food, wines, spirits brands. The captain will then plan an itinerary according to your indications and desires.

Most luxury yacht charter agreements are ruled by a MYBA contract, the standard in the industry as it does safeguard all parties involved: charterer, broker, stakeholder and owner.

The charter fee is often quoted in MYBA Terms, thus including the charter of the yacht, crew wages and food, and various yacht insurances.

The charterer will be charged for all other expenses: fuel for the yacht, tenders and jetskis (if any), food and beverages for all charter guests, dockage, shore electricity and water, local taxes if any, VAT if applicable, communications. An APA (advance provisioning allowance) will be added to the charter fee, and the captain will use such funds to cover the above mentioned extra costs. At the end of the cruise the captain will provide the charterer with all receipts and invoices and will reimburse the unused funds. The APA is 20-35% of the charter fee, depending on the yacht fuel consumption and itinerary.

Some East Mediterranean charters are offered on a Gulet Terms basis (basically fuel and marina fees are included). Food is provided at extra cost, usually on a full board meal plan.

Crew Gratuity. It is customary to leave a tip at the end of the cruise - between 10 and 15% of the charter fee. The captain will allot it to the crew.

We can provide hundreds of yachts of all sizes and classes in the most beautiful or unusual locations: the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, the Indian and Pacific Oceans, South-East Asia, Central America, Scandinavia, Alaska, South America.